Commercial Robots outside the factory!

Automation improves the quality of production by offering precise repeatability. These tasks would be impossible to achieve by only using humans. However, today's robots do not look or act like the sentient beings portrayed in science fiction. Instead, these machines are carrying out simple and basic tasks that boost productivity around a factory. At a minimum, we are still decades away from a future where robots carry out more meaningful tasks.

Engineering and computer scientists are devising ways to make robots wiser, more dexterous, and more human-like in companies' and universities' cognitive abilities. In warehouses and factories, they are already working alongside humans. They are even starting to perform functions that have typically been the domain of humans. However, no matter which sector they serve, robots are far less advanced than many thought they would be nowadays.

Outside of a factory, some say it is advantageous for robots to look more like humans. They are where humanoids come in. However, their utility in real life is still to prove. Even it is the case for some awe-inspiring models that can run, jump and flip (e.g., several from Boston Dynamics). Recently, the company's robot dog "Spot" was made available in the real World. The jury is still out and will be for some time. Nevertheless, it is a promising start. Like the invention "Digit" from Agility Robotics, intended for vehicle-to-door delivery of packages. Could we see commercial armies of these things in the years ahead? Maybe.

Ultimately, we would like to see humanoid robots in a commercial context to go into a shop and see a robot trying to sell something. Anyhow, we do not have to worry about all the smart AI. No machine is not going to chase us up the stairs anytime soon. We do not come anywhere near to what a human can do. Perhaps it will take one or several centuries to see such a level of cleverness in a robotic system.

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