The importance of the Screw Theory for Robotics

The importance of the Screw Theory for Robotics is recognized but hardly capitalized. Engineering students rarely learn about it in class, so only a few postgraduates know how to exploit it. These tools have remained relatively inaccessible because they require a new language (e.g., twists, screws, wrenches, spatial vectors). However, in various areas of robotics, the methods, and formalisms based on the geometry and algebra of the screws and their extensions, have proven to be superior to other techniques.

This illustrated site introduces an abstract mathematical formulation for Robot Mechanics based on the use of the screw theory and spatial vector algebra tools, emphasizing modern geometric techniques. Its main objective is to demonstrate that many robotics problems addressed today, mainly with iterative numerical solutions, are solved much better with closed-form geometric solutions based on screw theory techniques.

We hope this site will spark excitement about robotics' technological and social prospects and enable practitioners to develop effective and efficient robot algorithms, solutions, and applications. In the end, we realize that most of the time, a good theory is the fastest way to obtain a better performance, and the only thing to do in exchange is investing some time and commitment in studying the Screw Theory for Robotics..

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