We have already got a Century of Menacing Robots!

Karel Capek presented the contemporary origin of the concept of "Robot" at the beginning of the 20th century in the play "R.U.R - Rossum's Universal Robots." The word robot derives from the verb "robota," which in Slavic language means "worker or slave." Moreover, the title "R.U.R" refers to the company that manufactures the robots, which with a play on words could mean "universal reasoning robots."

Shockingly, the robot is conceived as an artificial human-made to lighten other people's workload already in this first use of the word. Thus, the first concept of a modern robot arrives directly in the form of an android. It is noteworthy that a possible risk of using this technology is recognized from the beginning since although robots ought to help people, they enter into confrontation with society initiating a revolution that will destroy humanity.

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